Life moving along – random update

I have been a bit quiet here, simply because there has been a lot to do. We finally got a meeting place that is not inside my apartment, it’s about the same size as my bedroom here (slightly smaller than the living room, where we were meeting before) it’ll be just fine for a while, plus it’s a place we can meet anytime and we now have an “office” its great. Today we painted, and we are still paining, lots of crazy work left to do. Thanks for the prayers and the support, things are looking amazingly awesome here. I also started school this week, an online class at Cascadia (in the Seattle area) looks like it will be an interesting class, the instructor is instructing from Mexico. I’ve had some thoughts running through my mind, I want to post them on here soon, just got to get in the right mindset and have the time. God is good.