Sin disconnects us

Sin does not make a person bad nor should sin be considered a bad thing. A person full of sin can be the nicest person everyone knows. No, sin is not bad but sin causes bad things in our lives. Sin is what keeps us from knowing God and his will. Sin is anything that separates us from God’s way. For each person’s sin is different. But of course, there are sins, which we all have to face. I believe this to be a more accurate description of sin. Many people interpret sin as things that are bad or cause harm to others. Except that when I read what God has told us, sin is always an issue of someone not going God’s way and therefore there is a natural consequence.

Please do not interpret things like getting sick as the result of sin. The consequences of sin are much more than simple biological issues, our souls are not biological so the consequence of sin cannot be biological. The consequences of sin must affect our souls, at the deepest parts of our existence, the part where our connection with God is made. When we finally accept that we have sin in our lives, it opens up the connection for God to move. God creates a spiritual presence in us that allows us to see sin more clearly. Just as a cat instinctively will track its prey, once God’s spirit is inside us it will guide us to a stronger connection with God. Sin blocks that connection and without it we are blind.