Feeling inadequate

The past couple of days I have been feeling inadequate as a person of God’s. I know without any doubt that God does not see me this way. However, this is what I am feeling. I feel like I don’t know enough, that I haven’t known God long enough, that I because I don’t have the history that some have that I am just a “baby Christian” and that I don’t have much to offer. Of course, I know that no one here would agree with this, but that does not change how I feel. I am feeling this way partly because of a bunch of stupid things I have said or done, like forgetting my keys and having to drive across town, twice, and saying things that are apparently obvious to everyone else, except me. Moreover, the most discouraging thing is that my ideas never seem to be “good enough” to warrant support and encouragement from others. It is always “great, set it all up and we’ll be there” this is discouraging for me I want support and I want to do things with people, in the whole process, I want to hear “great, how can I help?”

Please pray that I will regain my confidence, that people will see that offering help is not only helpful but also encouraging, it tells me that my ideas warrant attention. Pray that I am able to press on and not be discouraged by the lies of Satan. Pray that I can be myself, have the right words and be effective. Pray that I am encouraged and hear words of affirmation from those who can also provide helpful criticism and support. Thanks.