That Love thing

Listening to: Be Near [Radio Version] – Shane Barnard – Carry Away

Mags at Duo is talking about Love. I completely agree that Love is a “doing” word. It isn’t just a feeling, nor is it just a mystery. Love is really what makes the world go around. Jesus told us to do something which even to this day seems backwards, Love your enemies. I don’t know much about the old testament it certainly appeared that those people didn’t love their enemies. But I think in a way it was probably something like this, we love our enemies by telling them the truth. However, there are consequences to not following the truth. Faith isn’t as clean cut as we would like it to be, but the best analogy I can think of is this: If you were fishing in a river and then all of a sudden a bridge gave out, would you go up to the road and warn the drivers that the bridge ahead is out? I would hope so, and I would hope that people listened to you. However with faith many people say, well what I’ve done has always worked before so I’m going to go with what I think is true.

I don’t believe it would be loving someone if you didn’t warn them about that bridge. Just like it isn’t loving someone when we don’t tell them, in a loving and graceful way, that the sins they live with have consequences. However, we have to realize that people make choices, and if they make the choice to believe their truth, then we have to leave them alone. Jesus even told us that some people wouldn’t believe if after he performed miracles… how true this is. Love is much more than a feeling it is doing what is right even when it won’t bring you any love in return. Although as Christians we are not loved by everyone, we are commanded to love even our enemies. We can’t love the sin, but we can love the person. Right now, it is sad, but generally people do not know Christians for their love of each other, they know us for our political ties, our hate of “sinners”, and the inability for people to distinguish the person from the sin. Next time the kind of Love I have for Alexis.