No, not one person at a time

Maybe I’m losing it, maybe I’m over zealous. But is not our God the most powerful one in all the universe? Is God not the commander of angels? Is God not the one who gives us strength? I want to be his arms and feet, and I want to change the world. More than just one person at a time, I want to make a difference, I want to see God’s kingdom on Earth. I want to bring His culture, his ways, and his love to all people. I know He does, but how many of his children truly try and believe? How many of his Children pray, lay down their life, and live their life in such a way that people cannot help but be drawn to the light Jesus has given them? We are his hands and feet, we have no choice but to touch and move. He called us to come, he didn’t give us the option. He paid much to high a price for us to not go.

I take responsibility to serve Jesus Christ, our God in heaven, and I lay my life down so that by the Holy Spirit of God that I may show the life that he has given me. I will use all that I have to help others, to serve others, and most of all to love others. I am rededicating myself, this is not my first nor will it be my last. I refuse to stop, the people will know us by our love for each other, and people will see that love and they will know it is from God. Unconditionally I shall love, willingly I shall serve, and with all my life I will revere the one who has given me life, both in flesh and spirit.