In your life there is peace and joy. Although hard times come and the world fades away, you are serene, still, and calm. In your life there is tranquility, of love, of life, and of people. Through thick and thin you shroud your children in peace. In your life we surrender to you, to be unbound from this world’s laws. In your life we are full of joy through obedience to you. Only in you are the world’s scars used to build character.

Each little battle, argument, and hurt is used by you for your overall goodness that we can only imagine. So many of us have tried to understand your ways, we cannot, we must trust you. We, who have trusted, know, and those who have not, are scared and upset at us. You never said that following you would be easy, simply you said in the end you would reward. Everything that happens here in this life is to build our character.

As lone trumpeters in the wilderness, we call your name for all to hear. We stand up and fight the enemy. We truly are in the enemy’s territory. Even in the battles, your peace transcends those who trust in you. We will trumpet until the last day, we will fight until all have heard your love, we will not stop until that glorious day when all have seen the choice you have given them.

Serenity will dawn in those who know you, seek you, obey you, choose you, come to you, serve you, love you, and praise you.