This is something I’ll be expanding on later, however for now I’m going to rant. Fair warning, this is a rant, meaning it isn’t all that well thought out and it’s very blunt, maybe for some Christian’s it is a bit offensive, but I believe in a God that is just and to be just sometimes you just have to say it as it is. I’m going to rant about my sex. Why does it seem that quite a few men have Sex as their main drive to finding a woman? Our physical relationships with the opposite sex should only be a reflection of our emotional intimacy with one another. Sexual intercourse is the ultimate expression of our love towards each other, and it should not be taken as some kind of need that must be fulfilled to live. Many people survive without sex, and they live perfectly happy lives. As a man, I understand the huge desire that can build up, the feeling of “needing” sexual satisfaction, however, I have chosen not to satisfy this desire until I have made the commitment to one woman. I am saving this desire, as a sacrifice (because I could have had sex by now if I wanted), for the one person who deserves to have all of me, not what is left over, and she certainly does not deserve to be “serviced” by me as just one of many.

I am sick and tired of seeing guys go after woman just because they want to have sex. I am sick and tired of hearing guys talk about woman behind their backs as if they were some kind of mission objective. I am sick and tired of seeing guys stair up and down woman’s bodies for their own selfish joy. All humans are worthy of respect, raping a girl with your eyes is the same as doing it physically, it may not effect that person, but it will effect all your future relationships. Whatever way we treat woman and sex in our minds is the way we will treat them in our relationships.

I am only speaking from a male perspective so I cannot speak for woman. I know for a fact that men can change, I use to be very similar to these guys that I am talking about. I would constantly feed my lust with images of desire, then go home, and essentially have sex in my mind with all the images I stored. I still struggle with this but not in such a blatant and unashamed way. My desire is to love from my heart, be vulnerable, to serve, and be the man that Jesus is. I have much more to say on this topic, I know change is possible, and I believe that much of the crisis in today’s marriages could change if men looked at life with something other than their penis.