Cultural poop

Yeah, that stuff, yuck. I just noticed something quite peculiar that I did a few moments ago. I was on the phone with my auto insurance agent (well an assistant) because my car insurance needed to be paid (I let Denise, a missionary here, drive my car while she was in Seattle). After a bunch stress of tracking down a check that Alexis apparently sent for $550, we found out that, first the check has disappeared into thin air, and 2 because I changed the insurance to the “suspend” mode just last Friday I know don’t have to pay that $550. Nope, now I only have to pay $471.77 and it isn’t due until August 8th! This is a BIG AMEN thank you God kinda of thing. Because neither Alexis or I had the $550, I have about $480 of credit on my credit card, and she had about $300, but we didn’t want to pay with our credit cards. And now we won’t have to! AMEN.

But, now to relate to the actual title of this post. As Barb (the assistant) told me the great news, I yelped with a “Amen!” inside, but I withheld it from my mouth because I didn’t know what she should think. How stupid is this? I’m sure she wouldn’t have had a second thought about it, yet I am so programmed (mostly by schooling), to be extra sensitive to people. I believe people need to see us Christian’s actually saying Amen, and thanking God, otherwise what are we saying? Nothing. Of course, I thanked her for the great work she did, but God was certainly the one to work out the kinks he knew we didn’t have the resources at this moment. Amen! I’m saying it here, AMEN! No more cultural poop for me.