Random musings

I go home much too soon, there is just too many people to see and talk with and not enough time. Yet I am so excited to be going home at the same time, yet the same problem, there won’t be enough time and still too many people.

God’s grace certainly seems like way to much to handle right now. I just have to keep on going and being responsible to my part of my relationship with Christ. Like the Caedmon’s Call song “faith my eyes” I will walk with faith my eyes and grace my feet.

I have so many blessings that I take for granted every day. My prayer life hardly includes thanking God for the people and other blessings that he has put in my life. I need to focus more on thanking God for all these wonderful things.

The two things I want more than anything else is wisdom and peace. I want to have a peace that when I am asked a question I don’t feel the pressure to answer it on the spot. I want to have the wisdom to sit back, listen, and let God’s wisdom speak through me instead of jumping in with whatever is on my mind at the moment. I want to be the old man that everyone wishes they could have a peace of His mind, but I want to be like that today, why should I have to wait? I know in time wisdom comes, but I believe I can seek that wisdom now, and put it to use now. I know that through being slow to answer and having few words of my own, life will only be more peaceful for me and bring wisdom to others.

I am still looking for a job. It would be a wonderful thing to have some of you wonderful people put it up in prayer. There are two possibilities now, both with Christian organizations, even though I was hoping for a secular sector position, but hey, wherever God leads me is where I will go. I will be calling one of the organizations in a few minutes, this is a big deal for me and I am a little nervous. Thanks for the prayers!

To be great in God’s light is all that I want.