Lifelong friends

Some people are quite cynical when it comes to lifelong friends. But I already know I have some, and they are awesome. I know that no matter where I go, or where they go, or whatever number of oceans separate us, we will be friends. These friends have been the number one factor keeping me from going completely insane while being in this place. I now believe I am making some life-long friends on this side of the world too. Friendships take work, and they take understanding, love, and patience. Some people have a hard time making deep friendships, maybe it’s just because of how I grew up, I didn’t move much, spent most of my time in our small town, and literally I went to school with the same kids from preschool until high-school graduation, and even some of them I went to college with (and still am).

I know people inside and out, I know where they have been and how they have changed. I am also a people watcher, I observe and watch all kinds of details. I believe God has directed my life in this way for a purpose, and that purpose is to connect with people at a real human level that is from my heart and is authentic. I do not like most sales people because of their all-talk no substance attitude, and in today’s society a lot of people are like sales people. So many people want to make a good impression on others that they forget who they truly are and that does not help to develop friendships which are truly supporting. Just be real people, someone will like you for who you truly are.

Thank you Alexis, John, Jen, Matt, Josh, Erin, Nicole, Cindi, Leanne, Ross.