The time is near

The past two days I have spent preparing to move out of our flat. I’ve mopped the floor in my bedroom, the kitchen, bathroom, and entryway. I’ve dusted (more than I ever wanted to in my life), scrubbed, and fought off an army of dust bunnies, yet I keep finding a few stragglers. Overall, it has been productive. Tomorrow Carol and Denise will be brining over their vacuum cleaner to rid the rest of the dust bunny army. We will also take four medium sized boxes and one smaller one to the post office to be shipped back to Seattle full of my winter clothes, and other things I won’t need for the remainder of my time here. I am expecting to pay $150 or more to send everything, which is $150 that I do not have and will be put on my credit card (hint, hint).

It’s a bittersweet ending to my time here. I feel that I am just now making connections with some of the people here, I certainly have friendships here and I desperately want them to understand that I am not leaving for good. I plan to return, in some capacity, so I know I will see them all at another time. I got a great compliment over at Carly’s blog today. If there is one thing that I want more than anything else in the world, is to be a blessing to other people. I want my words, my actions, and even my thoughts to reflect the glory and honor of God. Reading her words made me realize that God has used me in amazing ways, ways I would have never imagined just a short five years ago.