Last night at Chimera

This is the last night in my flat (the building is called Chimera). I’m not quite sure what to think. My posting might be sporadic from this point until I return to Seattle and establish a regular Internet connection again. I will try and post every other day either via a dial-up connection or stopping by Carol and Denise’s to hijack their DSL connection. I officially have $14 in my mission’s account and I will be living out of my suitcases for the next three weeks. On Saturday Denise, Carol and I will be traveling with about 12 other young Poles to The Netherlands for a large European youth conference. This is a 22-hour trip, by bus! I am praying that my back can handle it, yes I know, I am only 22 and complaining of back issues, that is another story. It is kind of sad that I’ll be leaving this place in such a short time, I can hardly think about the moment I have to approach the secure area at Krakow International Airport, I know a tear or two will fall.