In Portland

Yes, I went somewhere without telling many people again. This time Alexis and I are in Portland, only three hours south of Seattle not three days east. We are having a wonderful time, checking out and learning all about the school and program we will be going into in the fall. We’ll be here through Tuesday. This is the first time my laptop has been connected since I got back, way to many emails, way to many blog updates. I hope when we return Seattle I’ll have a better connection at the place I hope to stay at. Thankfully high speed will be available here in Portland. God is great, we are both excited and ready to see everything that God has in store for the next two years of our lives. We know it won’t be a walk in the park, however whatever hardships and mountain top experiences we endure will only add to our character and build us up to be closer to God Himself. Thanks for reading and I promise that once I have a regular Internet connection I’ll be back to full speed.