School, Driving, and Running around

Yesterday we (Alexis and I) got back from our little visit to Gresham, OR (a suburb of Portland) we had a great time meeting new people, catching up with other acquaintances and learning about our new adventure we are about to embark on. Basically a regular week will look like this, Monday – School all day (9 to 9), Tuesday-Thursday Ministry from 3pm to 10pm, Friday – School all day (9 to 9). So that doesn’t leave much room for a job, except for the mornings Tuesday-Thursday and possibly the weekends (which I’ve always refused to work, but we’ll see how it works out). It’s a two year school/intern program where what we learn we apply in the ministry time. Both of us will be living in two separate intern houses (across the street from each other rather than across the world). These houses have a lot of character and a lot of potential (in other words a lot of work to be done).

So, the next two years are the beginning of a new season of life for both of us. We’re both excited to serve, learn, and be a part of something moving forward. This whole thing should lead up to doing more work in and with Poland, if God willing. God has created an amazing adventure for us (us being all Christians) we just have to make the decisions to honor and glorify Him and what he does in our lives is so great and undeserved, yet he loves us to care about us in the smallest details.

I don’t know when I’ll be able to post again, I’m bumming my friend’s wireless/broadband connection at the moment. Hopefully I’ll be moving to some place with a better connection other than my parents house for the next few weeks before moving to Gresham. God has blessed us, now let us bless Him.