It’s about time

I have been putting it off, because I’m too self centered and prideful to admit that I have a major issue going on in my life. I’ve been so prideful of my relationship with Alexis that the fall had to come at some point. I promise everyone that I am doing “okay” which doesn’t mean I’m doing awesome, or that I am “over it” it just means that I’m working through it.

So, with that said, the news is that Alexis and I are taking time off from being in a relationship, it has been about a month. We both want to seek God’s wisdom and guidance in our lives. I use to think that “taking a break” or anything along those lines in a Christian relationship were down right stupid, it’s not like you can “take a break” when your married. However, WE ARE NOT MARRIED, and it is best for us to seek individual counseling for our own issues before we bring it into a marriage, where our issues would be much harder to resolve.

My basic thought process this past month has been; I am SO NOT in control of anything, God has to be in control because I have nothing to control anymore. Besides, when I try to control things (such as with Alexis) I screw it all up.