Desperation and humbleness

I will write something more formal in the next few days, but out of desperation, and God’s way of humbling me, I wanted to get going here. The Lord has been providing for me in very awesome ways, in fact while I was in Poland all last year I never had a month where I was behind in any kind of support.

However this year, a large part of it has been my personal savings (from when I worked full time) and from the very little work that I have had. So now, it has come to a place where I must simply ask. I currently owe $1620 for winter quarter, thankfully the Oregon College of Ministry is graceful, however there does come a point where they must stop. Not only have I not finished paying for winter quarter, spring quarter is just around the corner, and that is going to be another $1900 plus dollars (I bought one book for winter quarter out of six that I should have).

This situation is creating some stress in my life, my job just covers my two bills (car insurance and cell phone) and whatever is left goes towards the college. Unfortunately, because of my duties as an intern (which is part of the school program), I have only time on Tuesdays and Saturdays that I can work, and spiritually I would like to keep one of those days free as a true Sabbath.

So, this is the situation of desperation and humbleness. Thanks for your prayers and support,

If anyone feels compelled to support me in this endeavor to be equipped for the ministry, you may either send a check to:

Oregon College of Ministry
701 N. Main Ave.
Gresham, OR 97030-7236
on the memo line please include: For Travis Mielonen

Alternatively, donate online with PayPal: