Something to muse over

I had this test question in my Christian Worldview class: Critically evaluate the following statement in light of our Christian worldview perspective: “One is not able to come to absolute certainty concerning just about everything because of mankind’s many limitations. As a result, truth is relative.” The following is my answer:

Firstly, the above statement is contradictive to itself since it is an absolute statement, and quite certain in nature. Secondly, it is a statement made from the reasoning of man, a source that is finite and limited as it states. Thirdly, the statement assumes there is no absolute source outside of man for truth.

The statement must be closely examined because at a glance, it seems reasonable, but one must know all in order to make such a statement. The statement itself says humankind is limited; therefore, it falls apart on its own accord.

Further, only when one recognizes that God is truth, and only He is infallible will he/she see the breakdown of logic. Even still, careful consideration will prove that unless one assumes God he/she cannot make an absolute statement of truth. We must acknowledge the biblical God as our authoritive-voice in truth matters, since He is the only one with evidences of truth support.

My brain hurts, but I got twenty points out of twenty possible.