Six weddings and no money

Tonight is the first wedding of five that Alexis and I know of in the next two months, two of which we are actually a part of in some way. It’s a very joyous time, but very expensive (for us at this time), but that’s okay, we want to support our friends and family. If everything had gone as I had planned Alexis and I would be in that list somewhere, but thankfully things have gone God’s way, and while it means we are waiting, we know we are much more healthy and in God’s will rather than just fulfilling our desires. It’s great to see this and our prayers are with every couple.

In other news… We have just four months to go before heading off to Poland again. We are right in the midst of fundraising, and we still have more than half of the $2,500 to go for each of us, however I really have no worries about the money. God is telling us so much about the trip and other things are coming together so well that I really don’t see the finances as any kind of block. If you would like to donate please click on the PayPal link on the right or for more information just email me (address also at right). Thanks for your prayers.