Stress level orange

Listening to: All Too Soon – Ella Fitzgerald – Sings the Duke Ellington Song Book [Complete] Disc 3

I have nearly $6,000 in funds that I need to find by mid July, I’m going to school full time, I have a wonderful young lady that I want to spend more quality time with, and I am trying to find a job that will work around my very inflexible schedule. To make things simple, let me just say that none of the things mentioned above are going well, the only one that seems to understand anything is Alexis. The current project I am working on is winding down, so I’ll be getting fewer and fewer hours, thus less money, and more stress.

The logical side of me wants to call this intern program quits, get a job, catch up, and slowly go to back to school, and put off everything by possibly years or more. But my heart is full of a passion and a promise that God is my provider, and that in His will things will work out. I have a supportive girlfriend, food to eat, a place to live, a car, wonderful friends, and God’s direction. Yet my faith is small, the world screams different things at me, and the constant heaviness of stress is very tiring.

I received a little bit of support a while back, a $20 check, but the check bounced, of course the person who wrote it is very embarrassed and is in a similar place as me. However this caused me to rethink a lot in my life, because when you actually lose money (the bank charged me for their bad check) when your trying to fund raise, it isn’t what I would call encouraging.

So that’s my story, I have friends who have just as heavy things going on in their lives, and are in just as much shock over life as me. So it seems right now many of my friends are going through life changing situations. I can only worry about today, for today really does have its own worries.