Fighting old patterns

I am so glad it is spring time right now, otherwise I think I could become seriously depressed. It seems that all my flesh desires is old patterns. The old nature just keeps creeping up, creating a tension that sneaks up and bites me in the rear, too often than not. Thankfully I figure it out quick enough that the bite is hardly noticeable after a day or two. I try think back to the “good ‘ol times” the times when I felt like I was at the top of the world, when friends were all around, and life just seemed good. But the funny thing about those times, is that I was just as tempted, and fell more often to temptation (weather it be sexual, anger, isolation, etc) than I do now. Ignorance was truly bliss, but now that I am aware, now that I have tools, experience, etc…

Now I must be disciplined, accountable, etc, now the fight begins.

Father, may I bring honor to your name, may your will be done in my life, may I forgive others as you forgive me. May I seek your daily bread, and may I find the bread you set before me. Lord, to be with you, to know you, and to love all that you do, that is my desire.

In Jesus’ name – Amen.