It’s about me.

I’ve been trying to figure out what this blog is really about. What direction I want to take it. Well, I’ve decided to take it the same direction as when I started. It’s about me. It’s about me and my walk with Jesus. It’s about me and my relationships. It’s about me. Why me? Because when I focus on the inner thoughts, my outer expressions are closer to Godly expressions. When I take the time to think, process, ponder on my stuff, I find that I can give more to others. It’s about loving others AS I LOVE MYSELF… I’ve been bad at this, and I need to start paying attention. So… I’m going to write a lot about myself, in fact those are the blogs I find the most interesting… the open, sickly honest ones about people’s inner thoughts. That’s what this life is about… learning from each other’s interactions with others, themselves, and most of all with their Creator.