It’s been nine months!

I’ve been married for nine months now! It’s absolutely awesome, and I can truly say that I can’t ever go back. Although I am quite independent, and it drives me mad that I must communicate “my” entire life to someone else now… It’s also so very comforting that someone cares for in a way that all other humans will never be able to. It’s been a very bumpy road, God has been going over-time in drilling me to be a husband and head of a household, and many times I felt like a five-year-old throwing a temper tantrum, however, it is all worth it. I’ve been embarrassed, I’ve been very pissed off, I’ve been so selfish that if God were actually “strike ’em dead” kind of God many see him as, I would be dead.

I know there are many more bumps in the road, but they are all amazing bumps… just a hint of what it is to love as Christ loves the church.

And PS. No babies… yet. 😛