Living off faith

Sometimes I am in awe of the provision that God entrusts to our lives. I know that we could certainly do better in the area of how we manage our finances, I’m sure we could always invest a bit here, or save a bit there. In fact this month alone I identified $102 of “misc” spending. Nonetheless, I stand amazed at the fact that God has given us so much, that he’s figured the numbers ahead of time and knows that we’ll be taken care of. He’s given us the wisdom to make the right choices and the faith to know that the money isn’t ours.

It wasn’t long after I began my walk with God that I learned the idea of tithing… it wasn’t anything really spoken or asked of me, just something that over the first year I decided that if I was going to put my faith in God and “step by step” follow him, than I needed to put my money where my heart was. There have been a few months where I have neglected this conviction but for the most part I’ve been faithful to give my gross 10% to my home church right up front, than I do the bills.

About 10 months ago the Lord put on our hearts to give some offerings, above and beyond our tithe to some missionaries… well now that has grown to $90 a month. The past 4 months have been the most we’ve ever struggled financially, I have had to some very creative budgeting, prayer, and have more faith. We owed more than $500 in taxes, we have a $1000 hospital bill (due to our insurance changing 1 month before Emma’s birth, previously we had no co-pay for hospital/maternity stay, than it all changed just before hand, giving us no time to save for it), and back in January/February my hours were cut by 25%, and we’re still rebounding from that.

Yet, each pay period bills and needs are met, and God does little adjustments or shows us little ways of making things work. However, we know that this is not the end, we know that as we move forward in our plans to minister in Poland we’ll be on the edge more often, so we are thankful for this season, and we are learning more and more what it means to live off of faith, to ask for help, and prayerfully state our needs. It’s humbling and also encouraging in a very Jesus kind of way.