Seeker sensitivity….

The following has been written on the go from my phone, please excuse typos, spelling, and grammar.

So I have been thinking a lot lately about what “outreach” or “evangelism” looks like, mostly what it looks like here in my current world (the Poland stuff is eventually on it’s way, but we’re forced to lean on God for that). Here we (believers from here) are able to move around fairly well without leaning on God for much. Our basic needs are easily met, and most of all we “fit” and understand what’s going on around us.

So with that said, how do we be relavent, “seeker sensitive”, and Jesus focused? Firstly I don’t think we need to be sensitive to “seekers” as long as we are being and doing what Jesus highlighted – grace, mercy, forgiveness, and love. A seeker is going to be attracted to that, that’s what draws most people to Jesus. I believe we can utilize media, web, etc but we should not be attempting to mimic the secular media just because it “works” for them. I seriously grieve at things like “god tube” and facebook style sites for “christians”, the heart is good, but the segregation is what will kill the church. Jesus didn’t tell the disciples to huddle and segregate, nope, he said go, into the world and make disciples.

And then we have the other side of the spectrum, the ultra sensitive. The ones that sometimes are almost no different looking in their life then anyone else, except for maybe a tatoo or a few less beers when with their peeps. This side does a better job at relating with all people, and accepting people too. Yet, in my observance the desire to be approved and accepted by all, often leads to violations of the truth and when hard times come, the power of God lacks in being the driving force behind decisions.

There ought to be a happy medium, or should there? I myself am beginning to lean on a amazing concept – leaning on God’s spirit in me to drive my relationships, decisions, and not ideals of some evangelistic “style”. I’m in my infancy, and still struggle with whether or not I’ll be accepted or rejected… which isn’t mine nor yours to fear, but it’s freeing. God actually knows what he’s doing… imagine that.

So what are you going to lean on? Your own understanding? Or his? It’s scary – but he is so graceful!