Tweets for the past week

  • Had about 3 hours of sleep, during to bad stomach pain and so glad I decided not to go to work, because I just threw up 🙁 #
  • Just threw up again while trying to take some Med, and I never take anything. Body aches at level 7, prayers appreciated. #
  • Still miserable and achey. I've slept for all but 2 hours today. #
  • Day 2 of this flu 🙁 feeling slightly better. #
  • Just ate my first solid food in over 48 hours. Feeling better, about 70% #
  • I'm amongst the living today, on my way to work. #flusucks #
  • Got a blog entry stirring in my mind… just need a little time. Generational connections, key to revival? #
  • Emma walking around the farm. #