Tweets for the past week

  • On an ice cream relapse run #
  • So ready for a pumpkin spice latte… YES. #
  • Yuck, Barista at Starbucks Governor Hotel – didn't make this pumpkin spice very well at all 🙁 #
  • @marcustar oh but those spendy little stickers help keep the overly-subsidized roads/highways workin'… or something… in reply to marcustar #
  • Know anyone who needs a new desk? We're trying to sell ours – check it out here: #
  • Come on people, if you're going to call and ask for help, don't answer your cell phone and "put me on hold" to get your AC fixed! #
  • Praise Jesus we have a place to live! We move in tomorrow! Yikes! Help! #
  • All moved in.. sorta. #