Tweets for the past week

  • Emma enjoying her care bear friends 🙂 #
  • Let's throw production out the window, and instead think relation, then I think we'll see our old-school measurable "production" go up! #
  • My day got hi-jacked; and there is a definite disturbance in the force. #workinglate #compassionforothers #
  • @carlybish ME ME ME! #
  • Another really full day… more work to do tonight after dinner. Happy Holidays? #
  • Talk about productivity! Best way to spend a 3 hr trip to SEA is remotely working from the road! #AndroidWirelessTether #FTW #
  • Sweet, arrived in SEA in great time, work completed thanks to modern technology & battery on laptop lasted the entire trip w/ room to spare! #
  • @joshuadejong dude! That Nespresso looks awesome, is that for your house or at a cafe? #
  • @patrickweed Chrome is awesome and so far so much faster than the orhers. #