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  • @patrickweed yes, I already have a lunch, so we can meet anywhere… dry 🙂 I'll DM address. #
  • @TriMet westbound Civic DR tvm broken, screen unreadable. #
  • @patrickweed Had a great time, thanks for the coffee! – should def hook up more when able! #
  • When Dreams Meet Reality: Life in Intentional Community (by Jon Huckins): After years of being a youth pastor, I… #
  • Responding to Cascade Policy Institute on the role of transit (and other issues): Last week, John Charles of the… #
  • South of the Poverty Line: Eating Better: Are you a newbie to poverty? A recent migrant to redundancy? A casualt… #
  • Mica’s Paradise:

    Once or twice a month I’ve had it with city life, and then I flee to Granny Mica (say Mitsa)… #

  • Catalyst 2011 Final Message with Andy Stanley: Shared by TravisM

    Exactly! Now to get more intentional… even… #

  • Detroit Father Charged With Child Endangerment for Cycling With Sons:
    In the United States we have an obesity e… #