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  • @trimet why has there not been "real time" info for MAX on TransitTracker the past week or so? #
  • Sidewalks Alone Can’t Solve the Suburban Megaschools’ Walking Problem: There may be no more striking symbol of t… #
  • Alan Chambers Says “It Gets Better” – Some Further Thoughts on Suicide Intervention: Alan Chambers
    From Alan’s O… #
  • Oh Monday…. where can I find your beauty? On the faces of my fellow MAX patrons? No. In their hearts? Maybe so. #lovehumanity #trimet #
  • Emma sings Jesus loves me. – #
  • Portland! (test pic) – #
  • Moon peaking from behind moving clouds while I wait for MAX. @doctor_jeff #trimet #
  • Being 4 stops from end of Blue line in Gresham usually means seats, today's early train, standing room only. #WhyIDontGoWithTheFlow #trimet #
  • Will today be average or super average? That's my choice…. tell ya later. #liveSuper #NotOnMyOwn #
  • More wet and Sunny! – #
  • Very wet, welcome fall! – #
  • Pipe test – #
  • Photo Tour of ANA’s Second Boeing 787 Dreamliner – JA802A: During ANA’s delivery events, media was invited to ta… #
  • When Leaders Disappoint: Yesterday I got a good bit of blogging in … today, not so much. But this is a lon… #
  • I love it when the music is a perfect sound track to the world around me! #trimet @bebonorman Here Goes #
  • Today is a day where I'm glad I'm not defined by what I do. #
  • Most of the Chilean miners are still off work: TweetIt’s a sad story.
    But today Mr. Sánchez, like many of the 33… #
  • This morning's theme/claim song is @tobymac "City On Our Knees". I wish @Pandora would let me repeat a song! #
  • Listening to 80's dance music – YES. Bring it on @pandora! #
  • @trimet YAHOO! 🙂 #
  • @trimet No real time data 🙁 #
  • @trimet sorry my bad! I forgot how it looked on the page, I normally use an app my phone, & sure enough the app is reporting estimated time! #
  • @trimet yup, I use Portland Transit on Android, & it does a good job of being accurate & specifies "scheduled" data vs "estimated/real time" #
  • A must read // RT @komonews The perfect bedtime story: @WSDOT workers find lost memento, mend girl's broken heart #
  • A note for all spouses, the mobile phone was invented to be mobile, carried with you, so people, such as your spouse, can contact you. #
  • And in other more important news… life is good. #
  • Little girl, a little younger than Emma yelling on MAX "I need to go pee, I need to go pee" good thing this isn't a bus. #trimet #