Today’s Mess.

    1. Wakeup at 8 to go to class

    2. Get to class at 8:35 for final presentation ? Persuasive speech “We were meant to be?”

    3. Class ends at 10:50 I get bumped from giving speech, this is the last day, must give before end of quarter ? tomorrow

    4. 11:30 go to Red Robbin for lunch w/ John, Jen, Nicole and Sarah, fun times, of course I’m worrying about my speech though.

    5. Give speech at 1:15 ? All goes great, my Instructor actually shakes my hand and tells me good job? wow awesome.

    6. Get to work at 2:00 dink around, fix a few problems, etc, etc.

    7. 3:20 Get to Tux shop to pick up tux for wedding on Saturday

    8. 3:45pm Get home, start and finish one of the last assignments for my public speaking class, with 30 min to spare before deadline which is at 5pm.

    9. 4:50pm Going to Cascadia one more time to do a video analysis of my final speech? yay.

    10. 5:30pm Going to Mill Creek Foursquare Young Adults group, because I love it? hopefully I’ll see ya there? 7pm? Yeah baby?

    11. Get home sometime around mid-night God is good.