My perspective on life.

I see our lives here on Earth as a time to prove ourselves to God. But we only need to prove one thing, our love and appreciation for him. God created us because he loves relationships, who knows what else he has created, in the ?past? or ?future?, God?s does not work in a world limited by ?time?. He created us for relationships, not just with each other but for him, he created everything, and imagine if you created everything, you would want a relationship too, just like you do with your own children. But God doesn?t want just a casual relationship, ?hi Steve, what?s up? Steve says, not much. See ya later?, what would you think if your parents had that kind of relationship with you? It just isn?t good to have casual relationships with your children, and it isn?t go to have one like that with God either.

God knows what?s best, and he filled the people who sought after him with his Holy Spirit to let the rest of humanity know him by the words they would write. God?s Holy Spirit does not lie, but it is quiet, unless you get to know its voice, just like a friend on the telephone, the bible is that voice. I think ?mainstream Christianity? today has a tweaked perspective of how a ?Christian? life should look like, and be. There are not ten steps to living perfectly with God, there is not just one prayer which will save you from hell, there is not just any simple little thing you can do, and your life will be perfect. The Christian life is not a free shopping spree, getting everything you want. No, the Christian ?life? is not very different from the ?non-Christian?, people die, people hurt, people get hurt, and evil still fights us.

The Christian person is what is different, not the life. The Christian person, who continually is seeking God, by reading the bible and fellowshipping with other Christians, but realizing that the world is real, and needs Christ, is different. Not because of something they have ?done?, but because he or she took a step of faith. Not knowing what would happen, they made themselves vulnerable, to everyone, and certainly to failure and humiliation. The initial trust is what most people, even people who call themselves ?Christian? do not understand, and will not try. They do not want to take a risk, with out proof they will either receive something which will improve their status (weather financially, physically, sexually, or whatever), or get something they want in return. The truth is they will, but it?s not something you can see, it?s only something you feel, it?s not tangible, and it?s not going to improve any kind of status. It is unconditional love, which only God can provide. Once a person trusts in his unconditional love, then you can feel his spirit working in you, and your drive to know God better becomes stronger.

So, take a step, everyday, weather you?re Christian or not, taking a step to know God better can only improve your life, it may reduce your status here on Earth, but we must keep our sights on God, and trust him, seek him, then know him.