Pillars of my faith

  • Jesus brings truth, and that truth sets me free
  • God the father is full of grace, that grace sets me free
  • The Holy Spirit guides me in authority and power, that authority and power sets me free
  • Who I am is not based on any one’s opinions, ideas, culture, etc – Who I am is what The Lord has made me
  • I am broken, but He is healing me, from glory to glory and one day I will see Him face to face in all of His glory and I’ll be in all of mine as well.
  • I worship the Lord my God will all my heart, soul, mind, and strength and His joy fills my heart
  • Sometimes there is not a “heeby jeeby” moment, sometimes there is, but at any time I hear his voice, feel his presence, or know that His Spirit has spoken, I obey, sometimes kicking and screaming, and at times ignoring, but when I obey I never regret and always am more amazed by his mercy and grace.