Caught up in the moment

There is something for positive self speech.  Last night I spoke at our young adults group, I was fairly anxious about the message due to transitions and changes at our church.  The core of the message was about worship, and what worshiping with our lives looks like, a piece of that message was on tithes and offerings.  You see, our church, along with many others has seen a down-turn in giving, and one effect of this is staff cuts.  One of my best and closest friends on staff was cut, and while it was extremely hard to see it objectively, God is showing us all a bigger picture.

I have to remind myself of who God has made me, and that in hard times there is no reason to water a message down, that His timing is always right.  I also want to send the message, that this isn’t a problem with “church support” but something where people need to realize the relationship between “their” money and God.

The entire message was from Romans 12 – Let our bodies be a living sacrifice, holy – set apart, for Him.  Verse by verse I broke it down into the spiritual acts of worship.  I was surprised by the power and intensity that found its way through me; I suppose I had some emotion behind it.  I have more on my heart to say, I think there is some break through that will happen in this group – lots of people responded to what God is doing and wanting to do – amen.

Father, continue to bring freedom into these young people’s lives, making their lives a holy sacrifice to you.  In their speech, their work, their relationships, and in where they put their fruits (both figuratively, monetarily, and beyond).  We speak in your authority peace, love, and grace – Amen.

My creed: Worship

Worship for me is not just about music, not just about emotions, and not just about verbal praise. It’s all of those things but much more. Worship for me is putting myself in the throne room of God, being right in the heavenly realms. It’s serving him as if I’m in heaven. It’s praising him as if I am in heaven. It’s loving him and others, as if I am in heaven.

I can only imagine what heaven will be like, and it is what I imagine that brings me to raise my hands, sing at the top of my lungs, and allow the emotions to fill my heart. It’s what I imagine that pulls me to serve him in truth and spirit. Lastly, it’s what I imagine of heaven that bids me to be as humanly close to Jesus as I can be with people, myself, and him. That is my worship.

My creed: What is church to me?

Many people see church from a fairly subjective view, mixed in with bad history, culture, and a lot of bias. Even today’s emergent churches, or urban churches, tend to be jaded by the culture’s idea of “church”.

As I have mentioned before I am tired of the religious people of America trying to legalize morality, it simply can not be done. Instead of using our secular political system to do God’s work (which isn’t happening) why don’t we do what Jesus told us to do? Let’s go make disciples, disciplined ministers of God’s message of a loving truth.

Instead of constantly focusing our attention on what the “others”, the “non-believers”, the “non-Christians”, are not doing, doing wrong, or on what they are corrupting… why don’t we pray, and be God’s hands and feet? He sent us to do the job, he’s given us authority, he says we can do things bigger than Jesus did!

Instead what I see is large “evangelical” organizations seeking legal actions, posting propaganda, spending millions and millions of dollars on ad campaigns for their politicians…

Yes, I know there are good organizations out there, I just believe we focus far too much on the “other things” rather than on Jesus and individually listening to him and his will for our individual lives. Imagine if every Jesus believing person were to take the call seriously, if we were to see the vision he has for us (yes that one that is FAR beyond your capabilities and qualities), imagine what could be changed, imagine our friends and families being effected by God’s people touching the every-day lives of every-day people?

That’s what church is for me, it’s empowering God’s people to do his ministry. It’s fellowship with allowing faults and allowing correction all at once because graceful, loving, communication is spoken. It’s encouragement that flows out, even in correction. It’s worshiping him in Spirit (our deepest emotions being met with acceptance and love), and it’s worshipping in truth (our intellect being used for the advancement of His kingdom).